On December 14, 2018, CodeFactory Vienna’s 5th Full Stack Web Developer course ended with the successful completion of 14 Full Stack graduates and 2 Back-End graduates. The Full Stack Web Developer course is modular and consists of 7 weeks back-end and 8 weeks front-end training.

We are happy to see our student working as team. They has been welded together through many projects in rotating teams. We are also excited that CodeFactory could open a door for 4 women to a sought-after MINT (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology) profession field .

In the past weeks, the students acquired comprehensive knowledge in the areas of front-end and back-end web development, project management and team leadership and are now qualified with the acquired skills to start their professional career as Junior Web Developer. In addition to a lot of work, the fun was not neglected and new friendships were made.

After the three impressive team presentations of the final projects in the roof loft of Kettenbrückengasse, the CodeFactory team ceremoniously presented the final certificates and congratulated the graduates on their achievements. Afterwards, the graduates celebrated their success with punch, karaoke and lots of fun into the night together with the CodeFactory team. With the latest graduates, the CodeFactory family continues to grow.

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