The CodeFactory offers several payment and financing options for the courses:

  • Partial payment in monthly installments: CodeFactory courses that cost more than 2000 € can be paid in monthly installments. The first installment is payable before the course starts, the rest are to be paid subsequently.
    With  monthly installments equal to or less than the course duration (e.g., up to 4 installments for the Fullstack Web Developer course), an installment agreement can be signed directly with CodeFactory.

    Should more monthly installments be necessary than the duration of the course, it is necessary to bring in a guarantor who will personally be liable in case of default. The maximum number of installments is twice the numbers of months your course is long.

  • Financing via the AMS: CodeFactory courses can be funded in full by the decision of your AMS supervisor. For this you need a cost estimate, course description and course time confirmation which we will gladly send you.
  • Financing through the employer: Many companies are looking for developers. Ask your current or future employer if it is possible to finance this training. We are happy to inform and assist you!

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