Terms and Conditions

Of CodeFactory GmbH

1. Scope of application

These General Terms and Conditions of Business (hereinafter referred to as “GTC”) shall apply to all participants (hereinafter referred to as “Course Participants”) in courses offered by CodeFactory GmbH (hereinafter referred to as “CodeFactory”), unless otherwise agreed in individual cases in the context of ongoing cooperation.

2. Enrollment

CodeFactory accepts registrations for courses by email to office@codefactory.wien , by the contact form on their website https://codefactory.wien/en/contact-en/ or by using the online registration forms for each course on their website (i.e. https://codefactory.wien/de/anmeldung-full-stack-abendkurs-developer/. Each registration is binding. Participation by a person other than the registered course participant is only possible with the express written consent of CodeFactory.

3. Conditions of participation

CodeFactory is entitled to link course participation to the fulfillment of specified qualifications. The prerequisites for participation will be announced in the relevant course description of each course on the CodeFactory website (i.e. https://codefactory.wien/de/anmeldung-full-stack-abendkurs-developer/). It is the responsibility of the course participant to assess whether they meet the participation requirements.

4. Course fee

The course fee is due immediately after confirmation of registration. For participants funded by third parties (I.e. employer, labor market service, WAFF etc.), confirmation of intent to pay the course fee by the third party may be required to complete the course registration. In this case, the terms and conditions of CodeFactory apply for the externally funding party instead.

If the participant pays the course fee themselves, the payment must be made before the start of the course (either in full or, where applicable, in mutually agreed installments). Installment agreements need to be signed by both parties to be in effect (for more information, see https://codefactory.wien/en/payment-and-financing-en/).

In the event of late payment of the course fee or first installment, CodeFactory shall be entitled to refuse the affected course participant participation in the course.

5. Course contents

CodeFactory has the right to change or remove course contents at any time both for ongoing and past courses.

6. Course completion

Some course formats have an immanent examination character or conclude with a certification exam. Certification criteria will be communicated at the beginning of a course and will be accessible via the online learning management system.

CodeFactory reserves the right to refrain from awarding certificates or confirmations of participation as determined by the trainers or management. There is no legal claim to a certificate or confirmation of participation.

7. Right of withdrawal

With the confirmation of registration for a course, payment of the course fee is mandatory. Unless otherwise agreed, a payment deadline of one week applies.

For courses lasting less than two weeks, there is no possibility of withdrawal.

Cancellations of booked events can only be accepted in writing (including by email) or in person. The cancellation becomes effective on the day it is received by CodeFactory. The following cancellation conditions generally apply:

* Cancellations up to the 15th calendar day before the start of the event: free of charge

* Cancellations from the 14th calendar day before the start of the event: 50% of the event fee

* Cancellations on the day of the event or thereafter: 100% of the event fee (this also applies in the case of agreed partial payments)


8. Non-participation after registration (no-show)

In case of a course purchase, even if the participant has not participated in the course or did not participate in further communication, CodeFactory reserves the right to collect the course fee in full.

9. Exclusion from further participation

CodeFactory can refuse or exclude students from further participation in the course if necessary for reasons related to the person of the student. This includes, but is not limited to, personal misconduct of any kind, a lack of language or technical skills and failure to meet the required minimum requirements.

10. Postponement and cancellation of courses

In cases of personnel sickness or other unavoidable higher circumstances, CodeFactory may reschedule or cancel issued course dates. In this case, CodeFactory will immediately notify the registered course participants in writing to the e-mail address provided and offer to reschedule to later course dates (where applicable) at no additional fee.

In case of postponement or cancellation, participants may also withdraw from the course and have their course fee refunded in its entirety.

CodeFactory shall not be liable for any other costs (such as travel, accommodation or hotel costs) incurred due to postponement or cancellation.

11. Course materials

CodeFactory provides each course participant with individual and/or general login data for online course materials. These materials may not be downloaded, shared or otherwise proliferated. Each course participant shall treat the login data given to him/her confidentially and keep them safe. In case of misuse or unauthorized disclosure, CodeFactory may block the account of the affected course participant. The course participant is liable for any damage caused to CodeFactory by the misuse or unauthorized disclosure to third parties.

12. Webspace

CodeFactory may offer course participants the possibility to use a web hosting service in relation to their training and course participation. If the content of a course participant’s web space is in violation of Code Factory’s usage guidelines, illegal or immoral, CodeFactory is entitled to remove the web space account of the affected course participant without prior warning.

13. Intellectual property

Course participants acknowledge that all property rights and copyrights to documents and information provided by CodeFactory remain with CodeFactory and that any use beyond the purposes of the course is prohibited. In particular, course participants may not use, reproduce or distribute course lectures, exams, the curriculum and other course materials provided by CodeFactory without express written permission. In addition, course participants may only make image, video and sound recordings of course lectures, exams, the curriculum and other course documents of CodeFactory with express written consent.

14. Rights to created or created works

For works created or created within the framework of a course, in particular programs, which are capable of being protected by intellectual property rights according to the provisions of intellectual property law, it is agreed that these rights are granted exclusively and comprehensively to CodeFactory. Thus, all rights (especially rights of use) to these works are exclusively granted to CodeFactory. However, the course participant has the right to be named as the author of a work created or created within the scope of a course and to name his authorship to third parties.

15. Image rights

The course participant expressly agrees to the use and publication (especially for advertising purposes) of photos, videos and other materials that CodeFactory takes from course participants. This consent can be revoked at any time in writing by e-mail to office@codefactory.wien without giving reasons. Any photos, videos and other materials that have already been used and published remain unaffected by the revocation.

16. Disclaimer of liability

CodeFactory’s liability towards the course participants in connection with the obligations arising from the contractual relationship with the course participants – with the exception of personal injury – is limited to intent and gross negligence. This applies in particular to the completeness and correctness of the documents and information provided by CodeFactory, to the achievement of the learning objectives and the positive completion of the course. Under no circumstances does CodeFactory guarantee that course participants will find relevant work after completion of the course.

17. Data processing and transmission

The course participant expressly agrees that their personal data, namely name, date of birth, address and e-mail address, will be processed for the purpose of creating and sending electronic newsletters, advertising brochures and information on career opportunities. The course participant can revoke this consent at any time in writing by e-mail to office@codefactory.wien without giving reasons.

According to the GDPR, course participants have the right to rectification, deletion and access to their data kept by CodeFactory.

18. Changes of the general terms and conditions

CodeFactory reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time and without notice. It is the participants’ responsibility to be aware of current terms and conditions.

19. Final provision

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is invalid or unenforceable, the invalid or unenforceable provision shall be deemed replaced by that valid and enforceable provision which most closely approximates the purpose of the original provision. The remaining part of the AGB remains unaffected and effective.

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