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The CodeFactory Frontend Web Developer course prepares you for your versatile use as a Junior Frontend Web Developer. It is the first module of the fullstack Web Developer course, which you can also take separately. If desired, a continuation of the training in the backend part is possible.

In this course you will learn the most common programming languages and frameworks, from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to the sophisticated Angular Framework. Furthermore you will learn important basics in testing and project management. As a frontend web developer you have comprehensive knowledge in the area of web development of user interfaces and their design and you are proficient in many of the relevant programming languages. This allows you to work in web development as well as in software development. As a specialist you can use your coding skills to solve a wide range of tasks in the area of design implementation and creative design and often work closely with project managers by taking care of software and test planning as well as programming activities.

Your advantages as a CodeFactory Front-end Web Developer graduate:

  • Learn coding in 2 months
  • Be job-ready immediately after completing your training
  • Secure job opportunities by gaining highly demanded IT skills
  • Experience an innovative training format that is unique in Austria and based on US coding schools
  • Gain practical experience by working on real projects
  • Benefit from experienced, likeable trainers who take care of your personal progress
  • Experience exchange and motivation in peer groups
  • Benefit from an education that is affordable and eligible for funding
    please see in addition our payment & financing options
  • Use our company network and events to boost your professional future

Key Facts:

  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Language: Englisch/German
  • Dates:
    • 13.05.– 04.07.2024
    • 02.09.– 25.10.2024
  • Location: CodeFactory, Kettenbrückengasse 23/2/12, 1050 Vienna or online
  • Times: Monday to Thursday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. @ CodeFactory plus tasks with free time allocation, project work Friday or Saturday as desired*
  • Fee: € 3.290,-
    please see in addition our payment & financing options
  • Level: beginners** and advanced
  • *Project work is to be handed in on Fridays 8h to 17h on Saturdays Depending on the level of difficulty and personal progress, the code review can be as extensive as a normal course day.
  • **We assume that our participants have dealt with the basics of programming by the beginning of the course. This can be done either in our basic courses or by self-study, for example in online introductory courses. The so-called Fizz-Buzz Test serves as a guideline (


You are motivated to work in a team and have the ability to learn independently. As a beginner without any previous knowledge, you have either attended our basic courses JavaScript and HTML/CSS or you bring along this previous knowledge. Our Full Stack course is modular and consists of 8 weeks of front-end and 7 weeks of back-end lessons. If you are already fit or have already completed training, you can, of course, decide to attend only one of the two modules.

Our trainers speak German, but the lessons are held in English. For this reason you should have a good basic understanding of English.

Your own laptop, ideally with an SSD hard drive and at least 4 GB RAM, is recommended. However, we can also provide a rental laptop if required.

Course chapters:

Front-end Web Development:

  • Version Control (Git -GitHub)
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • Project Documentation
  • TypeScript
  • Angular

Why should I become a Front-end Web Developer?

The performance of IT is what makes competitiveness and innovation possible for companies in all industries. Especially since the DSGVO came into force, every company must deal professionally with the protection of its customer data.

Despite the demand, IT employees are still desperately sought after. The professional association of management consulting/information technology (UBIT) informs that in 2018 alone there will be a shortage of approx. 10,000 IT specialists in Austria. This shortage of specialists and generalists with IT skills will be exacerbated by access restrictions to universities and their high drop-out rates of over 50%.

Companies have to introduce themselves to their future IT staff today and sometimes recruit students before the end of their studies. Full Stack Developers, i.e. IT specialists who are familiar with both front-end and back-end applications, have better chances of long-term employment, as they are less dependent on the rapid changes in IT trends than specialists.

The constant excess demand is the reason for the high starting salaries for Junior Web Developers. Around € 40,000 is a standard gross annual salary for Junior Web Developer.

The field of activity of a Web Developer is not limited to IT companies. Especially in-house programmers are increasingly sought after in all conceivable industries. For example, but not only, in the areas of marketing, e-commerce, consulting, video game development, online games, online betting, FMCG, mechanical engineering, research & development, HR, public authorities, financial services, logistics and many more.

Method and time required:

Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. the attendance part takes place in the CodeFactory itself, either on-site or online, depending on the course. Every morning, application-related daily tasks are assigned, which are solved in pairs or in small teams. The advantage is learning with and from fellow students. In the meantime, our experienced trainers will of course supervise the group of students and provide advice and support. In the context of larger projects, the students learn what is important in project management in addition to the code.

The trainers support you and your team partner in solving problems AFTER they have been tried to solve them independently. This way of working is unfamiliar for many students at the beginning, but has proven to be essential to become a good programmer.

Afterwards you should plan time for a self-determined preparation for the next day with learning materials provided for this purpose, which can be scheduled with approx. 1-2 hours.

On Fridays at 8:00 a.m. the weekly CodeReviews are released – a mini-project which, in contrast to pair programming, can be solved independently. You have time until 17:00 on Saturdays to hand in the CodeReview. On average 8 hours will be needed to solve the task, this can vary a bit depending on the chapter.

All in all, you can imagine the time required for the course to be about the same as for a full-time job – this compact, efficient training course means that you will be ready to start your career immediately upon completion!

In general, however, we do not recommend employment and jobs in addition to the training, as it is a very intensive and time-efficient program and full-time employment can ensure optimal learning success.

Job perspective:

Thanks to the intensive and practice-oriented CodeFactory training format, which prepares our graduates for an entry as a Junior Developer in just under 4 months, you will be qualified for an entry-level position as a Junior Developer for both the front-end and the back-end area within a very short time. Our completion rates confirm the success of the CodeFactory concept:

75% of our graduates found a new job within 6 months.

Due to the widespread digitalization in which we find ourselves, we are constantly looking for software developers with various qualifications, including front-end, back-end, full-stack, mobile and DevOps developers and data scientists. With the CodeFactory Full Stack Web Developer course you are perfectly prepared for the full stack, front-end and back-end jobs. Web developers work in a wide variety of industries. This means that potential employers can be found not only in the IT industry, but also in various companies from the private sector, public institutions and NGOs.

With a gross annual salary of around € 40.000,- the profession of a Web Developer is also one of the very well-paid jobs.

Still undecided? Get insight and discover a selection of work samples of our students.


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