About us

Founded in 2016, CodeFactory Wien follows the concept of programming boot camps of Anglo-American countries. Our goal is to provide time-efficient and very practice-oriented training with the aim of the fastest possible career entry as a junior developer. Our courses are tailored to newcomers, people who want to change careers in the second or third educational path as well as people who are interested in an application-oriented education.

Why CodeFactory? Our USPs:

What sets CodeFactory apart from other educations and institutions?
Because we know that programming languages and technical skills alone are not enough, we put great emphasis on holistic training, extra occupational skills and networking with the scene already during the training.
Training at CodeFactory includes the following:

Lunchspeaker: every Wednesday CodeFactory aims to invite a professional from the IT industry to chat with you in a relaxed atmosphere about their profession, job opportunities, technical development trends and much more.

Excursions: CodeFactory will shedule at least 2 field trips to famous IT companies for each full-stack course, private tours and exclusive glimpses behind the scenes included. In the previous courses, our students were invited to IBM, Microsoft, Shpock and Catalysts.

Practical projects: Two major projects will be developed per course, one focusing on frontend technologies and one at completion of the course. The most noteworthy feature here is that those projects are posed by real customers will be worked out during the course. This way, project management and project documentation will also be trained on real-life applications.

International Certifications: After completing the course, our students have the opportunity to earn 2 internationally recognized certifications, which will be tested for by an external partner. These are on the one hand IREB (International requirements engineering basics) as well as a certification in Fullstack Web Development. The examination fee will have to be paid by the student.

Large portfolio: From week one our students build their own portfolio with projects and practical technology-demonstrations. After completing the course, your portfolio will contain more than 100 examples and project, giving any job application a huge boost.

Application training and help: For all those who are starting their careers in IT, CodeFactory offers its Career Support Service. Together, recruitment talks in IT are practiced, the most important questions are reviewed and the application documents are created together, including your CV and portfolio.

Celebrate, have fun and make new friends: Besides all the learning, the fun must not be neglected. Therefore, there are always parties and opportunities to cook, grill and sing karaoke throughout the course.

  • big portfolio
  • real customer projects
  • Networking with future employers
  • financing options
  • Fun, celebrations and new friends

Campus and course life

We are more than just a CodeSchool. We are a community, a place to study, laugh, make friends and just spend time. A place where after work the fun is not over. We want to give our students more than just to teach them how to be great at programming. We want to be a meeting place where the scene networks, where events take place and where you talk about over a gin and tonic about your latest project. Therefore, in addition to our large, modern location right on the Naschmarkt, we also offer numerous specials and goodies for our students so that your time in the CodeFactory is and remains unforgettable.


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