Internet Security for Users

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Learn how to protect data and privacy, both on your phone and your computer! You do not need to be an IT expert – this is a practice-oriented course suited for small companies, medical practitioners, lawyers, accountants, journalists, public figures, students, NGOs and of course private persons. Understand how to surf anonymous, protect yourself from viruses and protect your digital identity and reputation.

Attend our two-evenings seminar of just four hours per day and learn how to “drive” safely on the Internet!

Smart people do not drink and drive. Understanding the dangers and possibilities of the Internet, and how to protect yourself online is just as important.


Basic user knowledge of mobile devices, computers and Internet. (Do you browse the internet and use a cellphone? You’re good! 🙂 )

Course chapters

In our hands-on, practice-oriented course we will cover:

  • Security-aware use of the Internet (including online-payments)
  • Importance of Backups (& simple how-to)
  • Password Management
  • Basic Cryptography
  • Types of Cyber attacks
  • Government Intrusion Capabilities
  • Social Engineering & Mail Phishing
  • Better Login: 2-factor Authentication
  • Metadata & Mobile (phone) Security
  • Big Data & Social Networks
  • Compartmentalization
  • Anonymous and Secure Browsing
  • and much more


2 days (Tue and Wed every 3rd week in a month)

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