Machine Learning

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Machine Learning is one of the most essential tools for working with data. It opens the path to the most exciting careers in data science around the globe.

Machine learning is a combination of computer science and statistics. It’s a must-have skill for all aspiring data scientists, researchers, graduate students or anyone else who wants to wrestle all their raw data into refined trends and predictions.

This course will teach you the way of seeing the data through the prism of machine learning. You will look into the use cases for machine learning and learn about the most popular machine learning libraries out there. You will see how to use a few of the most important machine learning algorithms (prepare for some coding!) and evaluate their efficiency. We will also briefly touch upon the topic of Deep Learning specifically.

Course Requirements:

  • decent python programming skills (some resources for numpy and pandas will be provided before the course’s kick-off)
  • preinstall Python3, Jupyter and the libraries (guidelines will be provided)
  • basic knowledge of statistics (much will be explained in the class)
  • school-level maths (some resources will be provided before the course’s kick-off)
  • bring your own laptop

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