Data Analysis and Visualisation

450,00  incl. VAT



Today, to work with large amounts of data, you need computational power. This course teaches you the necessary programming skills to organise and manipulate data, and to visualise it effectively.

To make sense of all the information around, we have to be able to organise, process and display it. That is what you will learn to do in this course: lots of coding, basic statistics and … beautiful visualisations.

Throughout the course, we will constantly emphasise interpretation and communication, which are essential skills for all data scientists.
The examples provided in the course include real world data from various spheres. Not all data is numerical – you will also work with textual data and with maps. We will provide multiple datasets for you to choose from, which means, you will be building your own projects while learning.


Solid knowledge of Python Syntax.

Course chapters

You will learn how to:

  • How to clean and prepare your data for analysis
  • How to use Python to help your data tell their story
  • Orient yourself in principles and methods of visualization
  • How to perform complex visualization of your data

1 week (Mon to Thu)


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