Kotlin & Microservices (4 Java)

840,00  incl. VAT



The CodeFactory Kotlin & Microservices Developer training course prepares you for a versatile career as a Backend Kotlin and Java developer. You will get introduced to the modern Kotlin language and the most important tools for the creation of applications.

Even though the course is aimed at Junior Java Developers, it will also be possible for non-Java developers to use this as an entrance introduction to the Java Ecosystem.

After the course, students will be able to:

  • use the Kotlin language
  • write Kotlin (Java) Microservices
  • implement a JSON based API
  • implement clients accessing JSON based APIs
  • share Code between the Backend and a Javascript Frontend
  • share Model definitions between the Backend and a JS frontend
  • deploy Kotlin Microservices as Cloud Lambda Functions
  • write Web Applications with Spring Boot
  • access Database Schemas with Spring Data, JPA and Hibernate
  • use these skills to move on to Android and iOS App Development


  • Kotlin Basics
  • Kotlin Advanced Syntax
  • Coroutines
  • Ktor Http Client and Server
  • Native JSON and XML Serialization
  • Spring Boot & JPA
  • Kotlin DSL Capabilities

2 weeks

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